Clover Sonoma selects PlantCarton package with RenewablePlus paperboard by Pactiv Evergreen for its Organic Milk Products

Clover Sonoma Carton

Pactiv Evergreen®, a global leader in plant-based packaging solutions today announced that Clover Sonoma, a third-generation family-owned and operated dairy, is transitioning its half-gallon organic milk to the PlantCarton package with RenewablePlus™ paperboard by Evergreen.

“As a company, we continuously look for innovative approaches to reaching sustainability goals, and packaging is an important part of that,” said Kristel Corson, vice president of sales and marketing at Clover Sonoma. “We are the first dairy to switch to Pactiv Evergreen’s fully renewable plant-based milk carton, and we chose the RenewablePlus cartons because they support responsible forest management, while utilizing less plastic, encouraging recycling, and decreasing the use of fossil fuels.”

“As the world’s most trusted forest certification, the Forest Stewardship Council® demonstrates that Clover Sonoma and Pactiv Evergreen are meeting the highest standards of responsible forest management,” said Chris McLaren, Chief Markets and Marketing Officer for FSC® US. Pactiv Evergreen is Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC®-C016043).

These cartons utilize the latest in plant-based paperboard technology and incorporate a renewable coating, made with polyethylene plastic created from sugarcane. As a result, these cartons are made with approximately 97% renewable material, which includes paper made from trees grown in forests where responsible forestry practices are used and the polyethylene made from sugarcane. And, PlantCarton packages from Evergreen are recyclable.

“The technology utilized in this carton creates a PlantCarton package that provides all the freshness protection and operational efficiency associated with other PlantCarton packages, but gives our customers more of what they want in terms of renewability,” said DeWitt Clark, VP North American Packaging Sales for Pactiv Evergreen.

Clover Sonoma is the first company to utilize this offering from Evergreen.

With PlantCarton packaging made with RenewablePlus paperboard, customers benefit from functionality as well as even renewable content. The cartons offer the same reliable performance in the printing, and during the conversion and form-fill-seal processes.

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