We were working toward a sustainable future long before it became a trend

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recyclable today!

Made from a renewable resource and widely recyclable, PlantCarton packaging supports your aspirations toward a circular economy.

Learn how important Recycling is to Grocery Shoppers.

Want to reduce your plastic use by 80%?

We can help! Consumers appreciate the sustainability features
that come with PlantCarton packaging.

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Substituting PlantCarton packaging for PET bottles can help reduce plastic use by about 80% when 32 to 64 oz cartons are compared to most comparably sized PET plastic bottles.

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plant-based packaging

Over 70% of every PlantCarton package is made with a renewable resource, paper made with trees grown in forests where the overall rate of forest growth exceeds use.

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responsibly sourced fiber

100% of our paper fiber meets the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Certified Sourcing standard, which helps ensure the soils, water quality, wildlife, threatened and endangered species, special areas, social rights and biodiversity are protected.

Explore Your Sustainable Solutions with PlantCarton Packaging

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In the meantime, learn more about shopper needs and expectations in our latest Consumers & Sustainability: Insights on Recycling report.

Find out what consumers want to see in the store and on pack.

Be part of the sustainable packaging solution with PlantCarton packaging.

Nearly 2/3 of grocery shoppers believe cartons have a positive or no environmental impact.

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EcoFocus Worldwide 2022; Base: 3,835 Grocery Shoppers

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Don’t forget to download our Consumers and Sustainability: Insights on Recycling report

Want to reduce your plastic use by up to 80%?

Contact us to learn more.